The Best from the Best: E3 2015

Real Talk: For the last several years, E3 has left me feeling completely underwhelmed. Sure, there was a brief respite with the announcements of incoming next gen consoles, but from where I stand, E3 has been a steady stream of one-or-two-great-and-the-rest-mediocre game trailers, clunky second screens, and VR demos that are only really exciting for the lucky few who get the experience in person.

This year though? THIS WAS THE YEAR. We’ve had just enough time for the newest console iterations to make some real headway and guys I don’t even know. I all-cap’d like it was my job and then I blacked out and all-cap’d some more. There were so many phenomenal announcements, demos, gameplay trailers, even news we’ve been waiting on for a DECADE (cough cough LAST GUARDIAN cough cough)! So, I’m breaking my habit of absurdly delayed reaction posts and pulling together a list of my favorite announcements from last week’s E3: 2015. In no particular order because I can’t pick favorites from this group I just can’t OK!?!

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

I love me some Nathan Drake, and since I wasn’t watching live, I was spared the drama of the demo glitching out during Sony’s press conference. Happens to the best of us, gentlemen. The demo is a pretty classic Uncharted adventure, and while it starts out feeling a little repetitious, that insane, playable, not-on-rails car chase at the end got me excited to jump in to the action. Plus, I suck at driving in video games, so I’m basically Drake IRL.

Horizon Zero Dawn

I hadn’t heard a peep about this game before watching the trailer and GUYS. Guys. It’s arguably everything I want in a game. The world building in the trailer alone is easily enough to sustain a hefty open-world mythos, it’s post-apocalyptic, boasts a gorgeous score and some of the best graphics of the Expo. There’s a Nordic feel to the lead character and her tribe, which plays right into my Skyrim weakness, and bonus – there are ROBOTS! This will clearly fill the Elder Scrolls-shaped void in my heart and I cannot wait to dive in.

The Last Guardian

Please don’t trust me to sanely articulate how I feel about this, guys. I can’t do it. I played the hell out of Shadow of the Colossus after its release in 2005 (A DECADE AGO) and was stunned by Team Ico’s now-legendary gameplay. Their gaming experience is poetic, thoughtful, and still manages to deliver combat that’s edge-of-your-seat intense. We’ve been hearing grumblings about The Last Guardian for years, and like most of the gaming world, at this point I’d assumed it was never going to get off the ground. BUT LOOKIE!

I will say, it doesn’t seem like the graphics have come a long way since the screenshots were first released back in 2010, but I trust this team to put out a game that will at least match the genius of Shadow. And anything that comes close to doing that is a damn feat in my book.

Final Fantasy VII

We don’t know much about the gameplay system, or what plot points will be “re-imagined” but we do know that the original director AND scenario writers are on board and that FF VII looks nothing short of stunning. Seriously. Stunning. This game couldn’t be in better hands. I haven’t been thrilled with the heavy bros-in-cars focus of the FF XV trailers, so I’m even more excited that this long-awaited revamp is coming our way. SQUEE!


This is the next game to come out of The Fullbright Company. You know, the people who made Gone Home? One of the most revolutionary indie games of the last five years? Yeah. Them.  Truth be told, I’d play the hell out of anything from their team, PLUS a female lead, PLUS a distinctly Portal-esque feel to the trailer. I’m so in.

Honorable Mentions:  Fallout 4, Kingdom Hearts 3, Mass Effect 4 (JOHNNY CASH IN SPACE!), The Rise of the Tomb Raider, DOOM

There we have it! When all is said and done, my biggest takeaway from E3 2015 is that it’s time for me to buckle down and buy a PS4. Right after I’m done playing Nino Kuni. See you on the other side!

What were your favorites from this E3 to end all E3’s? Are you annoyed by my majority-PlayStation-fangirl-focus? (Sorry not sorry, Sony won this E3 and I feel great about it.) Let me know in the comments.


11 thoughts on “The Best from the Best: E3 2015

      1. Yup, exactly! Doom 4 got axed because it wasn’t Doom-ie. This is looking like the classic Doom updated, kinda like FFVII but with way more destruction cause Doom.

  1. There was one game I saw, and I apologize for not remembering the name, that I thought was unique. It was about this character made out of yarn interacting with the world, and it looked stunning. The gameplay seemed simple enough, very straight forward, but the backgrounds and environment were just gorgeous.

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