Testing…. testing…

Well what do you know! This thing IS still on.

What can I say. It’s been a while and I’m a tad out of practice. I certainly didn’t intend to take an extended hiatus from the blog, but everyday life and that pesky day job had other ideas. And while things are still pretty chaotic, I’ve missed you lovely people and I’ve missed writing about geekery of all forms, so I’m kicking things back into gear.

A quick review of things to come: I’m now the proud owner of a PS4, so you can expect a lot more posts of the gaming variety.  (Anyone with good game recommendations, leave them in the comments! I’m also on the hunt for a podcast to replace my beloved Indoor Kids, so suggestions are welcome.) What with the Great Doctor Who Hiatus of 2016, I’ll be starting a series within the blog, discussing over 50 years of Who with a theme that I’m pretty excited to share. Plus, as anyone who knows me knows all too well, I can’t go too long without talking about Hamilton these days; so I’ll also be resurrecting the Theatrical Interlude category in time for the TONY’s. All that, along with your (ir)regularly scheduled ramblings about any and all things that I might find interesting.

I’m so excited to be back in action, kids. You’ll be hearing from me again soon – I promise!